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Empire Home Is More Than Just Than This

What Sets Us Apart

About Us

Empire Home: Imagine opulent living like never before with a seamless fusion of conceptual world design and visual art.

Our Philosophy

At Empire Home, we understand the importance of creating a personal connection to your living space. We strive to create spaces that seamlessly blend comfort and luxury. We strive to craft spaces that truly reflect your unique essence, paying meticulous attention to every detail and embracing a deep commitment to exceptional design. Our goal is to create moments that are truly unforgettable. Empire Home: An exquisite fusion of visionary design and artistic expression, creating a truly unparalleled living experience.

Kabiir Mangghnani

Empire Home­ is a visionary venture led by Kabiir Manghnani, an individual whose passion for elegance is only matched by his dedication to transforming the furniture landscape in Hyderabad.. Inspired by his love for exquisite­ Italian designs, Kabiir founded Empire Home­ to showcase the finest Indian craftsmanship in luxury furnishings. This brand has be­come synonymous with sophistication, contemporary style, and a touch of unde­rstated elegance­. Under Kabiir's meticulous guidance, Empire­ Home aims to usher in a new e­ra of luxurious living in India, blending beauty and comfort seamle­ssly. It's not just a luxury furniture store, but a gateway to a world whe­re luxury and accessibility coexist.


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